Recent Accident?

At Medig we take care of patients who have been injured in vehicle-related accidents. If you have been involved in an accident, call 911 immediately (even if you do not believe you are injured). It is common in most accidents not to feel your injuries immediately, due to the adrenaline surge in your bloodstream which significantly decreases your ability to feel pain. The next step is to decide whether to be evaluated at an emergency room (either transported there by ambulance or private vehicle).

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Emergency Room or Not?

It is always safest to get immediate medical care from a qualified Medical Doctor. The Emergency Room (ER) may be the fastest and safest first step, but the majority of the time it makes more sense to see a non-ER Injury Treatment Physician instead.

First, it can cost 5 to 10 times more to receive the same care in an ER than you could receive in an outpatient office. ER’s by definition must be staffed 24 hours a day with highly paid medical professionals. Secondly, those patients with more urgent needs will be seen before you. For instance, anyone who has chest pain, severe abdominal pain, asthma, a gunshot wound, and the list goes on and on, will be evaluated and treated before you. As a result, the wait time in an ER for a non-life-threatening automobile accident evaluation often takes several hours.

It is our experience from having evaluated over 5,000 vehicle-related accidents, that less that 5% of accident patients require ER visits, even though going to the ER to rule out potentially life threatening injuries or those requiring immediate care, is safest.

If you have had loss of consciousness lasting more than a few seconds, bleeding that will not stop, an obvious fracture, or severe chest or abdominal pain, or significant shortness of breath, or are unsure if your medical situation is stable, you certainly should be evaluated in an ER immediately. In most other situations, it is usually safe to wait and be evaluated as an outpatient. If in doubt, always contact the ER personnel and follow their instructions.

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Your Road to Recovery.”

Get a Diagnosis

The next step is to be evaluated by a physician and a team that are experienced in treating these potentially complex medical injuries. It would be our honor to serve you if you live close to either of our four offices, located in Gainesville, Ocala, or Jacksonville. We will guide you through every step of the process until your maximum medical recovery has been reached.

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What to expect at Medig?

Your initial office visit will usually be scheduled within one to two days of calling our office. We understand that you are in pain and anxious to begin your recovery as soon as possible. We also know that the sooner you begin treatment, the better the medical result that you are likely to achieve. Expect the initial evaluation in our office to last approximately two hours. We will perform a detailed evaluation of how the injury occurred, as well as a detailed examination to accurately diagnose your injuries. We will then discuss treatment options and together create a treatment plan that makes medical sense and will fit into the circumstances of your life. Generally, ice packs will be recommended as a topical anti-inflammatory (we almost never recommend heat, as this increases inflammation and therefore pain). The use of medications may be discussed.

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Kinds of Therapy

The most important part of your recovery will be manual (“hands-on”) physical therapy and exercise therapy. Both forms of therapy work together to treat the injured areas. The director of manual therapy at Medig has over 35 years of hands-on patient care experience, and actively assists in training all clinical staff. While we believe that physical therapy modalities (such as laser therapy, ultrasound, infrared, electrical stimulation, ice packs, etc.) all play an important role in assisting in a patient's recovery, the majority of care provided at Medig is manual therapy. We also believe strongly in engaging all patients in our exercise therapy program from their initial visit until they are discharged. Each visit is supervised one-on-one to customize your program based on your specific injuries. We have found this coordinated team approach (with the Medical Doctors, Physician's Assistants, and Physical Therapists overseeing all care) to be the most effective way to speed up your recovery and optimize your medical result. You will see the Physician/Physician's Assistant on a regular basis to monitor your progress and make any necessary midcourse modifications to your treatment plan. These could include your medication regimen, ordering x-rays or scans, or referring you to specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, etc., for additional opinions.

Hands on Care

Your Recovery Point

Once your medical recovery has been completed, you will be given a home exercise program and certain precautions to follow. In addition, a summary of your medical care and medical status at discharge will be forwarded to your primary care physician and attorney if you have either. It will be our honor to make your recovery process as smooth and effective as possible.

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