Competent, Kind, and Friendly

At each patient’s final office visit they are asked if they would be willing to take a few minutes to give our office feedback, so that we can continue to improve the quality of our medical care and the entire experience that patients have while under our care. It is almost a universal comment that the entire office staff is so competent, kind, and friendly. In fact, the entire office staff average patient satisfaction rating is over 97%. I am often asked by patients what we have done to ensure such a high quality of customer service and an obvious passion to serve injured patients. 

Both of the founders and approximately 30-40% of the staff have been involved in significant vehicle-related accidents. We have thus experienced exactly what you are experiencing and understand the pain, frustration, fear, and anger that go along with these kinds of injuries. We truly understand your situation and passionately care about helping you reach the best medical recovery that is possible. We also fully understand that this involves the need for a supportive and uplifting environment, and we have worked very hard to create this.

Not only does each of the staff members have to be extremely competent in their area of expertise, but they must also have a servant’s heart, the desire to be a member of a team rather than a “lone ranger” and have a consistent great attitude. To this end, we have an optional personal growth and development programs to assist all of us reach and maintain these objectives. We read a personal growth book a month and then get together for dinner and fellowship discussing what we have learned from the book and how we can use it to improve our personal lives as well as those of the patients that we serve. The leadership also attends an international annual leadership event.

We also have created an atmosphere in the office that the general manager of the largest hotel in our area called “more like a high end bed and breakfast than a doctor’s office”. The walls are pale yellow with bright pictures of family, and we have current editions of daily newspapers and magazines, as well as fresh filtered water, in the front office.

All of these factors together help create a unique environment that allows you to focus on your medical recovery in the best possible environment. We have actually have several patients jokingly say that “I’ll have to have another accident so I can come and spend more time here”. We reassure them that they are always welcome as a visitor and no additional accidents are required!

A Better Way to Get Better,
Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis, MD