How it all began.

So this is how the story began: My wife and I were guest speakers at an event in Miami, Florida (about five and a half hours from our home in Gainesville). We were traveling on I-75 in a heavy rainstorm at about 70 miles per hour in the far left-hand lane. The driver of another vehicle was traveling parallel to us in the lane to our right. Without warning, he turned into our lane directly in front of me. Instinctively I braked and swerved to the left to avoid rear-ending him. I hydroplaned off the left side of the road, flew 84 feet in the air, and landed headfirst into a concrete culvert. The impact force was so significant that the axels shattered on impact. All the important events of my life flashed in front of me in those brief moments. To cut a long story short, after months of rehabilitation therapy we were able to return to our normal active lifestyle.

At the time, I was a practicing solo family physician with approximately half of my practice involving treating patients with injuries. My wife, Sue, ran a large sports physical therapy practice. Nine years ago we felt called to combine our practices and form what is now Medig (Medical Injury Group) to serve people just like us who are injured in accidents. Our expanding team now includes practices in both Gainesville and Ocala, with two new locations opening in Jacksonville in the Fall of 2012. It is our goal to expand to serve as many injured people as possible—we have already served over 5,000 injured patients.

We are passionately driven to serve you based on our own personal experience of how injuries cause significant physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual upheaval in one’s life. Thousands of our patients have told us that “you really seem to understand what we’re going through”, and now you know why we really do. If you have the misfortune of being injured in a vehicle related accident, it will be our privilege to serve you with a high level of medical expertise and a genuine passionate desire to help you through this difficult season in your life.

A Better Way to Get Better,
Adrian Lewis
Adrian Lewis, MD